Call the golf shop or book online for special offers. 

Off-Season Special - March 1st - March 12th 
Open -3pm (Daily):   18 Holes - $38 +tax | 9 Holes - $25 +tax
3pm-6pm (Twilight):   9/18 Holes - $25 +tax
Spring Special - March 13th - March 31st 
Open -4pm (Daily):   18 Holes - $48 +tax | 9 Holes - $34 +tax
4pm-6pm (Twilight):   9/18 Holes - $34 +tax
6pm-9pm (Super Twilight):   9 Holes - $25 +tax
Open -4pm (Seniors Mon-Thurs):   18 Holes - $43 +tax
Open -4pm (Seniors Friday):   18 Holes - $48 +tax 
*March 15th - Active GHIN Handicap Score Posting Begins
(Ohio Golf Association determines these dates)


Rate Description

*All Coupons & Discounts come off Standard Rack Rates Only.   No discount passes or books available on Holidays.

*Discounted rates on this website or other websites must be booked online and are NOT available over the phone or in the golf shop.

*No discounts for walking.

*Tee Times are available 7 days in advance on our website and in the golf shop.

*Full Dress Code now in effect:  no denim, no athletic shorts/pants, no sleeveless shirts, collared shirt required, soft spikes or tennis shoes only.